Ultimate Guide For Buying The Best Luggage Sets

Ultimate Guide For Buying The Best Luggage Sets

Summer is loading, and along with that, we get on holiday mood. There’s something oddly enchanting about packing your luggage and going to unknown destinations. A break from the routine is always nice.

However, if your old suitcase seems to be breaking down by just looking at it, then you might be in need of a new one. And since you’ll probably be going on vacation with your entire family, you can kill two birds with one stone by buying a set.

Family Traveling With Luggage Set

Still, what should you look for in the best luggage sets? How are they supposed to look like in order to be considered perfect? How much would the best rated luggage setsactually cost? Well, you are about to find out.

Best Luggage Sets For International Travel

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best international travel luggage sets:

Winner: Samsonite Windfield 2 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

Those looking for the best travel luggage setsfor their international adventures might appreciate the Samsonite Wiindfield 2 set. Looking elegant and sturdy, it’s the perfect thing to carry around with you on an international flight.


  • Durable exterior
  • It is waterproof
  • The wheels are easy to maneuver during a crowd
  • TSA-approved lock
  • They can fit in the overhead of most airlines


  • The largest piece may not be accepted as a carry-on if it’s packed full
  • They are prone to scratches

Since international airports are fairly crowded, the spinner-type wheels of this suitcase set will allow you to carry the set with much more ease. Plus, the wheels do not have a certain rolling direction, so you can carry and pull the luggage from any direction.

The material from which it is made is polycarbonate – meaning that it was meant to be durable. Granted, it may not be the cheapest of the batch, but it will be worth the money in the long run.

The largest piece measures 12x19x28 inches in total, but there are also smaller pieces in the batch. Containing three pieces in total, you can go for a large, medium and small one.

Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Set

Source: samsonite.com


All three pieces can be used as carry-ons – at least when it comes to size. You might want to consider the weight as well. While the bag may easily carry 70 lbs, not every airline allows this weight.

Some of them have a restriction of 50lbs – but if you check the bags, you might get away with a fully-packed to the brink suitcase.

All suitcases from the set are fairly organized. Featuring one main compartment that has been divided in two by zippers, it’s very easy to keep a category of clothes on a side and another category on the other side.

You also have smaller organizational pockets where you can keep all of your smaller things organized.

Overall, this is considered by many to be one of the best luggage sets not because it has a durable casing, but also because it looks nice and is easy to carry. Plus, it features a TSA-approved side lock that will enhance its safety.

Runner-Up: AmazonBasicsHardside Spinner Luggage Set

If you want to buy one of the best luggage sets, but you still find yourself on a tight budget, then you may want to consider the AmazonBasics. It may be one of the least expensive sets, but it certainly brings everything you need to the table.


  • It is waterproof
  • It is expandable
  • It is scratch-proof
  • The set is budget-friendly
  • The pieces are spacious and easily organized


  • Rather bulky
  • The wheels are quite sensitive

This set contains three rolling suitcases, all with different measurements: 20, 24, and 28 inches. All of them are suitable to be used as carry-ons – but you’ll have to be careful how much you pack in the largest one.

It may be able to pass the size test, but if you pack it too heavily, it might not be able to pass the weight test – not even as checked luggage. If you can, however, reach or pass the 70lbs limit, then you will not have any issues with this set.

The four double-spinner wheels are also a great asset. This way, you can easily carry it around with you in a busy airport – making it one of the best luggage sets for international travel.

AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Set

Source: ebay.com


Furthermore, unlike most models of this type, the AmazonBasics is expandable and can give you an extra 15%. This means that if you return from your trip with more souvenirs than you intended to, you will not have an issue with storage.

The interior is lined with several dividers. So, organizing your tools is very easy. You have three zippered pockets of different sizes, meaning that you can easily organize your objects and gadgets.

Overall, this is one of the best hard luggage setsthat you can buy for international traveling. Plus, if you don’t want to buy the entire set, you may easily purchase each of the pieces separately.

Alternative: American Tourister Luggage Set Fieldbrook II

If you are looking for one of thebest affordable luggage sets, then this model might be slightly more convenient for you than a hard-case luggage set.


  • The set is affordable
  • Lightweight construction
  • It is water-resistant
  • Multiple pockets to keep you organized


  • If you stay too much in the rain, your belongings will get wet
  • The zippers need to be handled with care

Made from a durable polyester material, this model is a good choice if you tend to travel to areas with little rain. It’s relatively water-resistant – so if you are caught by the rain and seek shelter as soon as possible, then your belongings won’t get wet.

Featuring in-line wheels, this luggage set will not use up as much space and will not “run away” from you if you place it on a slope. The two breaks on the front side will prevent it from rolling, and you may easily leave it standing without holding it.

Featuring a TSA-approved push-button locking handle, this bag will not be accidentally opened, nor will it be broken-in by thieves. The only ones that will get in will be the airport control – and only if they know the code.

American Tourister Luggage Set Fieldbrook II

Source: americantourister.com


This set features two rolling suitcases and a duffel boarding bag. This way, if you want to check the bigger luggage while carrying a smaller bag with you, then this set will make it easier for you.

The largest suitcase measures 24.5 inches, making it just perfect for most airlines. Plus, if you tend to travel by bus or train a lot, then the duffel bag is a great asset.

This way, you can store items that you may need on the road – such as food, water, napkins, spare batteries, and so on. So, you will not have to unpack your whole overhead luggage; you just pull the duffel from underneath and you’ll be all set.

Best Hardside Luggage Sets

Here are our top picks for the best hardside luggage sets:

Winner: GoPlus 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

Those looking for thebest luggage setsto carry on various types of trips – but without having to spend a lot of money on them – may want to take a look at the GoPlus piece.


  • It has a durable construction
  • Stable wheels that can go in every direction
  • It features a simple design
  • It uses premium materials
  • It is affordable


  • It does not come with its own lock
  • It is prone to scratches

It may not be the most affordable of the batch – but not the most expensive one either. The price is just right, thanks to the fact that it’s made from high-quality ABS and polycarbonate materials.

The design of this set is fairly simple: no fancy patterns, nothing that would otherwise embarrass you in public while waiting for your plane.

GoPlus Globaway Luggage Set

Source: ebay.com


Furthermore, you may also choose the colors that you like. So, if you are the type of person to check in your luggage, you may choose a bright color that can easily be spotted.

The wheels are spinner-type, which means that you can easily pull this around you in a busy terminal. Plus, even if you leave it standing, it won’t lean over – mainly because it has wheels on every corner of the suitcase.

Runner-Up: MeraxTravelhouse Luggage Set

Those looking for something lightweight but highly durable might consider the Merax set to be one of the best luggage sets out there.Made from ABS material, but also with a PC coat for added durability, this product is intended for long use.


  • The set is affordable
  • It is lightweight
  • It can be purchased in different colors
  • It includes a security lock
  • It features a durable construction


  • The wheels are rather sensitive
  • The zippers feel cheap and need to be handled with care

The set features three suitcases on spinner wheels – measuring from 20 to 24 or 28 inches. All of them can be used as carry-ons, and you may simply choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Featuring aluminum telescopic handles and metal handle clamps, these suitcases were made to be highly durable. Plus, each suitcase is expandable, which means that there’s no problem if you return with more souvenirs than you intended to.

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set

Source: ebay.com


The color palette is chosen based on your own preference. You may go for a classic black suitcase, or you may choose an easier-to-see red or orange. The design is, however, simple enough – without any extra patterns.

If you are looking for one of the best luggage sets,then this one is fairly lightweight, easy to carry – and definitely price-friendly.

Features To Look For

The best luggage setscome in various shapes and sizes, each of them having their own purpose. Some of them may be sturdier, others may be more flexible. Or some may have bigger bags while others are more compact, for various traveling types.

Depending on the type of traveler you are, the size of your family, your destination, and your travel length, you may have to look for different features. Here are the most important factors to consider:

Soft-Side Vs. Hard-Side

The best luggage sets can be either soft-sided or hard-sided. The soft-sided ones are generally made from materials such as nylon, polyester, and other fabrics that have a flexible shape – and can generally be expanded or retracted to fit better.

A piece of soft-sided luggage is generally the preferred option if you want to travel light. Since it doesn’t weigh as much, it’s the better option if you are carrying already-heavy items. It also prevents you from overpaying on luggage fees.

A soft-side suitcase, however, may not be as effective in protecting your belongings as a hard-side one. For example, if you pack something fragile and your luggage is not handled with care, the chances are that it might be damaged.

Two Types Of Luggage

Not to mention that this type of luggage may not be entirely waterproof – unless it has been particularly reinforced to be that way. If a downpour hits and you have no way to shelter yourself, there are great chances that all your clothes are about to get wet. 

On the other hand, the best hardside luggage sets are made from thick polycarbonate or ABS that will not bend under pressure. This means that even if your luggage is poorly handled, your items have a better chance of surviving.

Furthermore, a hard-side luggage set is far more waterproof than a soft-side one. As long as the zippers are of high quality, then there is no chance of water getting into your luggage.

Keep in mind that since hard-side luggage sets have a higher ability to protect your belongings, they are also a bit more expensive than traditional soft-side ones.

Furthermore, they are not as flexible as soft-side suitcases. So, they may not be able to fit into every overhead. For better or for worse, at least a soft-case can be squeezed an extra inch or two in a tight overhead. So, if you tend to overpack, you might want to go for the soft-side luggage set.

Type Of Wheels

The best luggage setscome with two wheel types: spinners and in-lines. A spinner case, for example, will have wheels on every corner of the suitcase, and those wheels can be pushed and pulled in every direction.

Spinner luggage sets are actually a good option for high-traffic environments where you don’t really have a lot of space to move around. Plus, since they also have the ability to stand by themselves, they offer one less thing to worry about.

Still, since the wheels are on the outside, the chances are that it might be too bulky for some travelers. Plus, since these luggage pieces are “all wheel, no break” they might roll away from you if you place them on a slope.

They are, however, easier to maneuver than in-lines – since they do not require a certain direction.

The in-line type of wheel, on the other hand, is “camouflaged” within the luggage – similar to the wheels of a car. The wheels are placed on one side, while the other has a “stopper” to keep the luggage immobile when not in motion.

If your luggage tends to run away from you fairly often, then an in-line luggage set is the most appropriate option for you. Plus, itis more compact, and it will save you a lot of space in the overhead shelf.


Before buying the best luggage sets for international travel, you might want to check how much it weighs when it’s empty. When you use it as a carry-on, every extra pound will cost you more money. This is why you want to buy something as lightweight as possible. Keep in mind that it’s not only your clothes that you’ll be carrying; it’s the luggage itself as well.

Luggage On Weight Scale

However, you may also want to remember that the more lightweight it is, the lower its protective ability will be. For instance, while hard-case luggage is generally heavier, it has a better protective quality.

There are, however, some good soft-case luggage sets out there that are fairly lightweight; they just have to be made using the right material. You may want to read some best luggage sets reviewsbefore buying a highly lightweight set.


Considering that every overhead on a plane has different dimensions, it would be very awkward to find out that your luggage doesn’t fit. For safety measures, you can’t just leave it rolling around; it needs to be secured overhead. This is why you always need to be careful of the dimensions and buy a set that you know will fit in the overhead.

Ideally, the best luggage setswill have standard dimensions that would fit in every overhead. Worst case scenario, the largest piece of luggage will have to be checked. Still, nowadays, the dimensions are made so that the medium pieces can be used as carry-ons.

You will also need to choose a size that will fit your own carry preferences. If you’re a “packer,” you will want to choose a set with larger suitcases. On the other hand, if you tend to pack light, you might want to add some smaller pieces in the mix as well.

Ask yourself “what size will cover your needs?” “will you be able to lift that bag?” -depending on the answers to these questions, you might want to choose bags of different sizes.

Type Of Lock

If you are using your bag as a carry-on, the chances are that you might not even need a lock – but if you are the type to check your luggage at every flight, you might need to look for one that has a good lock.

There are various types of locks that you can go for. You can go with one that has a code, you can go for one that has a key – or you can choose one that has both. Technically, a lock is considered a deterrent for thieves, but at the same time, it is also a good option to prevent accidental unzipping of your bag.

When you check your luggage in, the chances are that your bag will be smashed against other similar travel suitcases. As a result, the zipper may get stuck to the other bag – and before you know it, undergarments will start flying.

Special Features

Depending on the brand, a suitcase set may also have several special features that you might want to consider. For example, some locks will automatically stop any kind of access if you insert a wrong password different times – requiring a backup password to unlock them.

Keep in mind that you need to buy a set with a lock that is TSA-approved. If need calls for it, the airport security should be able to open your suitcase. If they can’t open it, then the chances are that your bag may be lost in transit.

Finger Showing On Luggage Lock

You may also want to look for luggage that features detachable dividers. If you have many items that need to be organized, this feature will let you know what goes where.

Another special feature that you may want to consider is the GPS tracking. This way, you may connect the suitcase to your mobile phone, allowing you to track it in the event that it gets lost.

Similarly, some pieces of luggage may come with attached external batteries that allow you to charge your phone while you are on-the-go. It may be a more expensive option, but it’s certainly a good one if you spend a lot of time in transit.


Buying one of the best luggage sets is crucial for a perfect holiday. If you buy the wrong one, you may not be able to pass airport security – and you may not be able to protect your luggage to the fullest either.

Each luggage set presented has its own features that you might want to consider. They are the best luggage sets for the money, and they willdefinitely bring their worth, regardless of how much you are willing to pay for them.

Hopefully, our guide helped you narrow down your choices. All that’s left for you is to enjoy your holiday knowing that your belongings are safe and sound in the best luggage set.

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