Traveling Around The World With The Perfect Luggage Sets

Traveling Around The World With The Perfect Luggage Sets

There’s nothing that compares with the feeling of you packing your bags before a trip. The excitement starts the moment you pull out the luggage sets, and you start adding your necessary items.

However, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, the set has to be of high quality. It would be very unfortunate, for example, to see that all your clothes have been soaked through by a spur of rain.

Holding Luggage On Rain

This guide will go through the basics of choosing the best luggage sets, regardless of your means of travel.

History Of Luggage

Over time, luggage went through various stages of development in order to fit the needs of every traveler. The first suitcases were almost nothing like the ones we find today, as they were all bulky trunks made for traveling on the long haul.

The mass production of luggage kicked off when the travel industry started peaking up as well. People would travel a lot for various reasons – business, leisure, or simply relocation – which called for the need of high-capacity luggage.

From Wooden Boxes To Today’s High-Tech Bags

The first pieces of luggage were trunks and boxes made of wood that people would fit on the back of a carriage. They could fit a large number of items – but at the same time, they were fairly difficult to carry.

It was only in the 19th century when suitcases became a common occurrence among travelers. Their ubiquitous form became a standard even back then, and they were the perfect tools to carry a small number of clothes necessary for a temporary leave.

As the years passed, the best luggage sets for international travel kept changing and developing in order to complement movement and ease.

Companies started creating smaller models of luggage that would be accepted by airlines, and wheels were also added to increase comfort.

Midweight Luggage

Nowadays, most suitcases are meant to fit air travel regulations, but there are still various shapes and sizes that you may choose from.

Furthermore, newer models come with extra features that the inventors could only dream of. For example, some suitcases come with a GPS feature that allows you to locate your bag while others come with automatic movement.

Modern luggage focuses mostly on comfort. In the past, all that mattered was the ability to carry your belongings with you. Today, the most important feature is to make sure that you travel in a manner that is as painless and comfortable as possible.

Travel And How Luggage Is Stored

Generally, travelers purchase their luggage depending on their means of storage. Each travel method has their own requirements – and each traveler needs to abide by those rules.


Nowadays, traveling by plane is the most common method of moving from one place to another. Depending on the size of your luggage, you might opt for two storage methods – carry-on and checked.

With carry-ons, the answer is relatively obvious: you place it in the compartment above your seat. Generally, most modern planes have that option – but the luggage has to be relatively small, like a backpack or a small suitcase.

With non-carry-on luggage sets, the process is fairly different – and it generally depends on the airline that you are flying with. For instance, in a small aircraft, the luggage goes in the cargo hold of the plane, which is situated right below the passenger area.

In case of a larger aircraft, on the other hand, the luggage is placed in a container – which is further on placed inside the cargo hold. This will prevent the luggage from moving and tumbling around as the plane takes off or lands.

Keep in mind that there are size and weight limits for every airline – so you may want to do some research before flying.

Considering that you’ll be on a plane, too much weight from too many passengers might be dangerous for the flight itself.


Traveling with the best travel luggage sets on a ship will generally depend on how large the ship is; however, it is not as strict as it is on airplanes. For example, if you are traveling with a cruise ship, it is not uncommon to carry even bigger suitcases on you.

You may check them in the storeroom of the ship – or you may just choose to have them in a room with you. If you are carrying just one or two suitcases, then you can just store them in the space underneath the bed.

Traveling Luggage In Room

If you are travelling with a lot of baggage, on the other hand, or if you are in a much smaller room, then you may be required to leave the bigger ones in storage and only carry the smaller ones with you. 


When it comes to trains, there are not any requirements; you carry as much luggage as you want. However, keep in mind that not every train has a car just for the luggage – so you may just have to carry it on you.

Generally, every train has an overhead shelf where you can place your luggage. If you can lift it, then it most likely fits overhead. If it doesn’t, then you may simply leave it between the seats or at the end of the car.

Generally, with trains, you carry as much as you are comfortable with. Since there are many connected cars, weight will not be an issue – and unless you are smothering someone with your luggage set, then no one is going to say a word to you.


Buses are much smaller than trains – and while no one actually tells you how much luggage to carry with you, it’s recommended to not carry more than two pieces per passenger.

You may be able to carry a small bag with you on the bus to place overhead – or if there’s no place, hold it in your arms or under the chair. But the larger ones need to fit in the storage compartment under the passenger area.

If the bus seats are sold out, you may want to limit your luggage. On the other hand, if the bus is barely sold, then you may get away with an extra baggage or two. You may want to ask the travel agency before packing your bags.

The Airplane Weight Requirement Confusion

There is a lot of confusion concerning how much you can actually carry with you on the plane. Once more, this can go one of two ways: they can be either checked or carry-on.

The Weight Matter

Most airlines in the United States don’t really impose a weight limit when it comes to the carry-on luggage – but you have to keep in mind that you’ll have to place it in the overhead shelf, so don’t pack more than you can lift.

Still, while there’s no actual limit, you have to notify them how much you plan to carry on you. Depending on how much you’re carrying, you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

Therefore, if you notified them of 22 pounds and you show up with 23, then you’d have to pay for that extra pound.

Measuring Luggage Weight

Keep in mind that carry-ons are subject to security screenings, so you may want to avoid carrying anything that can be dangerous.

When it comes to checked luggage sets, the limit will also depend on the size of the aircraft, as well as the airline. For example, a domestic flight will generally have a 50-pound limit – but you can increase it with an extra fee.

Other airlines may offer a 70-pound limit, no matter if you’re flying first class or economy. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to go over that limit, since it might be considered too heavy for the airport staff to move.

The Size Of The Luggage

You may also want to size and measure the luggage, to ensure that it will fit in the overhead compartment. Since each plane is made differently, each maximum size will be made public by the airline.

For a better fit, it’s always safer to go with a soft-case suitcase. On the other hand, if your hard-case is just the right size for the airline, then you can be certain you won’t be over-expanding it even if you return with extra souvenirs.

Considering that these limits vary from airline to airline, you might want to check with them yourself. Go over the rules, regardless if it’s in person or by checking their website. There are many factors at hand here.

If you’re traveling by plane, the best rated luggage sets will usually let you go past the check-ins and check-outs. They were made exactly with these requirements in mind, so there should not be any issues.

Differences Between Carry-On And Checked Luggage

As a first-time traveler, there is probably one thing that confuses you the most: the deal with carry-on and checked luggage. What’s the difference between them? Why should you choose checked instead of the simple carry-on?

Well, the explanations are fairly logical.


A carry-on bag is a bag that you are allowed to take with you on the plane and place it on the overhead shelf – in a place where it’s definitely not going to leave your sight. Since you will not be carrying as much with you, it will also come with a smaller fee.

Typically, a carry-on will cost you $25 with the minimum weight, but it can cost as much as $100 on the maximum. However, you will have to limit your belongings, since there’s only so much space you can carry on with you.

Holding Carry On Luggage

If you want to go on a holiday with your significant other, you may want to look for the best 2-piece carry-on luggage sets, as they will definitely fit on an airplane.


Checked luggage is meant for those who have a lot more stuff to carry with them. Since extra fees can go very high for luggage that goes over 20 pounds, people prefer to check it rather than pay to haul it themselves overhead.

There are, however, risks to checking your baggage. When it comes to carry-ons, you at least have the certainly that you carry your bags yourself from one place to another. Where you go, your bags go.

On the other hand, if you check it, you might hop a connecting flight – but your luggage may not. This may be due to ticket errors, security issues, etc. – or it was simply lost during the transfer.

However, these issues have lessened over time – and luggage sets are no longer lost as often anymore. As long as the specifications are clear on the ticket, your luggage should reach the destination with no issues.

If you are planning to check your baggage, make sure that you arrive 3 hours before an international flight – because lines are long with baggage. Plus, make sure that the transit time is at least one hour so that your baggage will reach the connection.

Checked luggage is more expensive than carry-on – so if you are planning to travel on a budget, this might not be the best option for you. However, it will be appropriate if you dislike fumbling with overhead baggage.

Luggage Materials

All luggage sets will be made using different materials, from polyester to nylon, vinyl, and polycarbonate. However, it will all boil down to this: is it a hard-case or soft case?

Hard-Case Vs. Soft-Case

A hard-case suitcase is exactly as the name implies: a hard shell. These are generally made from materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, or other materials that are not exactly flexible – but are instead very durable.

These hard-case suitcases are generally highly waterproof – so if you are expecting rain at your destination, then you might want to consider this one.

Furthermore, it’s far easier to protect your belongings if the luggage gets mashed up with other sets. All you have to do is to ensure that the objects are secured in place and that they won’t go through wallop.

Two Types Of Luggage Shell

There is, however, the risk that a hard-case will not fit perfectly in a carry-on space of a plane. Even if it’s just one inch, it will not flex around the area to fit – not like a soft luggage set would.

Soft-case luggage sets are made from softer materials such as polyester or nylon, and they usually flex when they are put under pressure. Therefore, if the width of a case is slightly smaller than your suitcase, you may still be able to pressure it to fit.

Furthermore, a softside suitcase is going to be expandable – so, if you go home with more luggage than you had initially, then you won’t have to purchase an additional bag.

The problem with these kinds of bags is that they may not protect your belongings completely. For example, if you place something fragile in it, the object may get damaged if the bag crushes against other surfaces.

Furthermore, they may not be as waterproof as the best hardside luggage sets. If you go for cheaper models, for example, the chances are that a downpour will soak your belongings to the brink. This is why you should always read the best luggage sets reviews before making a purchase.

Weight Difference

When you are looking for the best luggage sets for the money, you have one more thing in mind: how much is it going to weigh alone?

Unfortunately, most of the times, you may have to choose between extra protection and a small weight.

A softside luggage set, for instance, will not be as heavy as a hardside one. Nylon and polyester are lighter than ABS and polycarbonate, making them a good option if you are limited by weight.

On the other hand, if you want to offer more protection to your belongings, then you have to be willing to sacrifice a little extra weight.

Since the materials for the best hard luggage sets are thicker and sturdier, it will obviously weigh more than your average softside suitcase.

Types Of Wheels

Wheels are perhaps the most convenient parts of modern luggage sets since they allow you to easily carry your luggage without injuring your back or arms in the process.

You just pull the suitcase towards you and the wheels will do the rest. 

Spinner Wheels

Spinner wheels are the kind of wheels that literally spin from one direction to another, allowing you more ease of movement. The average suitcase will have four such wheels, offering the suitcase stability even if you don’t hold it yourself.

High Quality Spinner Wheels

The problem with these kinds of wheels is that they may also go out of control if you don’t hold the case right. For instance, if you leave them on a slope, then the chances are that it might roll away from you – so you need to keep an eye on it.

In-Line Wheels

These kinds of wheels are placed, as their name says, in line with the size of the baggage. It features two or three wheels on a side and a stopper on the other side.

Unlike spinner wheels, these cannot be dragged in every direction – but just one. On the other hand, this kind of luggage will not run away from you if you place it on a slope.

Plus, considering the wheels are recessed into the case, these models are more compact and easier to handle. They will generally comply with most dimensions fixed by an airline.

What Are Luggage Sets

A luggage set contains more than one piece of luggage. These sets can have various combinations: two wheeled suitcases and a duffel bag, one duffel bag and one wheeled, or any other similar combinations.

These sets usually vary in shape and size. You may buy a luggage set with a small, medium, and large wheeled suitcase to be used by your entire family. This way, even your little one will have a luggage of his (or her) own.

Sets are also a good option if you need different bags sizes. For example, if you are only going somewhere overnight, it’s more convenient to carry a smaller suitcase. This way, you don’t have to go for the 20-pound one you use for one-week trips.

These luggage sets usually match, so it will be much easier for you to find them at the luggage point. Plus, think about how cool you’ll look when your whole family matches down to their luggage.

Buying A Set Vs Buying Separate Baggage

As a traveler, you may have this question: why buy luggage sets when I can simply buy separate baggage? Well, here’s one reason: if you buy a set, all of them will match – and matching luggage sets are pretty to look at.

Plus, you won’t have to look in different places for a new piece. You have all of them in just one place, and all you’ll have to do is pay for one single set rather than going in circles for different pieces.

Different Luggage

Last but not least, it’s a matter of price. When you buy the luggage in a set, the chances are that you’ll pay less than you would for the products individually. The best luggage sets for the money may even cost up to 50% less than the usual price.

Most of these sets also come with discounts or at least some extras to make the purchase more attractive. In the long run, it would be much more convenient for you, and it would save you a whole lot of money.


Summer is coming, and you are definitely in need of luggage sets to take around with you. It’s not easy to pick the best one – but it’s certainly doable, as long as you keep an eye out. Plus, you don’t have to spend fortunes on a good one.

If you are looking for the best affordable luggage sets, you may check our buying guide. We have selected a few popular models, along with some important features to look for in the perfect set – no matter if it’s for you or for your family.

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