Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Set Review

Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Set Review

We all like to have a place where we can set our own roots; raise a family or relax after a long day. But at the same time, we also enjoy taking a break every now and again. We love packing out bags and going away – even if it’s just for a weekend.

However, in order to do that, we need to ensure that our luggage is of the highest quality. We need to ensure that our clothes will not get soaked, the zippers won’t break, or the wheels won’t just fall off.

Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Opened

Every feature is important – which is why we are going to consider all the information that we have about the Samsonite Windfield 2. How are we actually going to benefit from this product?

About The Product

The Samsonite Windfield 2 is what every modern traveler generally goes for. Featuring a clamshell design that makes packing a breeze, this set allows you to choose from different sizes – depending on the length of your trip.

The smallest rolling suitcase measures 20 inches, making it the perfect solution for a weekend getaway. However, if you’re going to be away for a longer time, then you may want to go for the medium 24-inch or the largest 28-inch one.

All of them were made to fit in the overhead cabin of the plane as carry-ons, and they do not necessarily have to be checked – unless you personally prefer to do so.

Still, the suitcase in itself was made from polycarbonate, therefore ensuring durability and ease of use. Overall, here’s a list of some important features provided by the Samsonite Windfield 2:

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    3 wheeled suitcases set
  • check
    Metal telescopic suitcase handles
  • check
    Side-mounted TSA-approved locks
  • check
    4 spinner wheels
  • check
    Made with a polycarbonate exterior
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    Interior divided by zippers
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    The ability to expand based on your own preferences
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    It includes small organization pockets

The inside of the bag is made of nylon, and it’s able to organize and protect your belongings. Furthermore, it can also protect your belongings from external factors.

Since the material is fairly water resistant, your clothes will remain dry – even if the water does manage to sneak in. However, since the outside material in itself in waterproof, the suitcase is able to keep your belongings dry.

Furthermore, the elastic straps are there to keep your stuff organized. This way, you will be sure that your clothes stay in the same position you placed them and that they won’t start wobbling in your suitcase.

As you can see, this is the perfect suitcase to take with you on trips that can last up to a week.

The Results

When you are going on a trip, it’s very troublesome to carry a piece of luggage with you that is heavier that your belongings themselves. Generally, if you want a durable piece, then you have to be willing to sacrifice weight for it.

Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Set Wheels

Considering that this piece is hard-sided, it’s actually fairly lightweight. You won’t have any troubles lifting it when it’s empty, and you can easily carry up to 70 pounds – and even more in it, provided the transport regulations permit it. 

The spinner wheels are a great addition to the suitcases since they offer a certain degree of stability. This way, if you have to reach for something, then you won’t have to worry that the suitcase will tilt over the moment you leave it.

Its water resistance is flawless. Even if you are caught by the rain and you don’t have the chance to grab shelter soon, the water will just roll off the suitcase. Plus, the same smooth surface makes it very easy to slide across.

At the same time, however, you will have to be fairly careful when you slide it. It may not get damaged easily, but it may still get scratches over time.

The colors are a bit off compared to what is shown on the website, but nonetheless, they are very easy to spot. The unique colors are bright, and you’ll be able to see where your bag is from a great distance.

What Other People Say

Most people are quite happy with this set, particularly with the fact that it can protect their belongings really well. Plus, it’s clear that the materials are fairly durable, all the way to the metal rod.

They do, however, warn that you have to handle the zippers with care. If you push too hard on them, they might break.

What We Liked

We liked the fact that this product is durable and has a superior ability to protect your belongings from shock. We also liked that it’s very easy to control and that the spinner is very compliant with our movements.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t particularly like the zippers. Plus, considering the smoothness of the surface, it’s fairly easy to get scratches on it.

Buying Advice

The average price of this set stands at around $500; however, you may buy this same product at a good discount from websites such as Amazon.

Samsonite Windfield 2 Luggage Set


The discounts can go as high as 50%, and there’s even a chance of free shipping being thrown into the mix. This is a great option for those who live far away.

Final Thoughts

The Samsonite may not be the cheapest of the batch – but it’s certainly a durable choice. It may have its flaws, but when it comes to traveling on the long haul, it’s a reliable product.

It covers mostly all the features that you need: durability, maneuverability, and safety – from sturdy wheels to secure locking systems. It’s a product that easily allows you to keep your things organized – even when you have a lot of gadgets.

If you want a durable set with different-sized suitcases and don’t mind spending a couple of extra bucks, then the Saamsonite Windfield 2 is a suitable choice for you.

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